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Palax D410 is the choice for heavy-duty jobs

The Palax D410 meets the needs of even the most demanding professionals. With an improved pusher design, the D410 will allow you to manage wood more easily. Additionally, it boasts increased splitting speed, more highly developed crushing and holding of the crusher and maintenance of the chains has been made convenient.

Read more at: https://palax.fi/en/products/palax-d410
Yoan Bumbar : Ciao è possibile avere un Nr di tfdi

KONICA MINOLTA bizhub c284e/364e fuser unit ( D410 정착기 딱딱 소음 해결영상)

신도리코 D410
코니카미놀타 c284e / c028edn
대기중에 정착기 딱딱 소음 발생
베어링 교체 영상입니다.
park hyun jin : 혹시 오일 어떤거 쓰신건가요? 궁금합니다

D410 - Elevator Music [Official Video]

#Mosh is out now, everywhere:

Stalk- I mean... Follow D410:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thereald410
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thee410
Instagram: https://instagram.com/deefourwonoh
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2mLU3qZFgZ7UaymCzDnS24
Bandcamp: https://www.d410.bandcamp.com
Goober Doober : Good stuff, dude
Мю Сузукина : Кто из Украины, России или Беларусси?
Я из Украины
Jakub Smetana : cool, very cool... You are probably the most chill and the coolest 12-year-old I've ever seen, complete opposite of my 12 y.o. sister. I'm 14, almost 15 btw. Found you randomly in the comment section on "This Doesn't Work" by C418. Quick question: Why did you learn German, and what other languages can you speak? Also btw keep up the good work :D
czarekplanes : nice i love it
sam sammerson : lol what software do you use? it sounds amazing


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