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전국민이 불법다운로드하던 2000년대 MP3 전성기 / 14F

스마트폰이 없던 2000년대, 가볍게 휴대하면서 음악을 들을 수 있는 MP3플레이어의 인기는 엄청났습니다. 처음엔 배터리가 아닌 건전지로 작동했고, 16메가바이트 같은 작은 용량의 메모리카드를 끼워서 써야 했죠. 음원과 저작권의 개념이 생소했던 시기부터, '소리바다' 같은 P2P 사이트와 진통을 겪으면서 저작권 인식이 자리 잡기까지를 되짚어봤습니다.

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Hipster! Anncia SY-1205 AM FM MP3 Radio Player Review

The Anncia SY-1205 is a DSP AM FM portable radio with MP3 playback capability.

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The finer things I like about this radio:
Fine Plastic. Actually the design is original and appears solid in build quality.
The AM reception is pretty good, found a Nashville station with it the other night, but you have to be in a quiet part of the band to pull faint stations.
Rechargeable battery! this should be in all portables. Would make life that much easier.
Audio quality is very good. Reminds me of the Tivdio V-115 and Audiomax models.
MP3 playback and stored memory of where you were on a particular track. Handy when listening to hour long episodes.

Overall, I would recommend this radio to someone who is into something different style wise. As far as over all function, you can find other radios in this price bracket that out perform it.

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mp3를 wav wma 로 변환하기 10초만에 가능한 변환기
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